What is P.A.W.S.?

P.A.W.S. was founded to promote animal welfare in Hancock County through humane education and pet population control. They do this by developing and providing humane education programs that teach kindness to and respect for all living things. This includes helping animals housed in animal care shelters by promoting shelter adoptions and by providing improvements to shelter facilities, as well as training for shelter staff and volunteers. P.A.W.S. also also promotes shelter and community based pet sterilization programs.

How can I help?

P.A.W.S. is always in need of cash donations or gift cards to places like Walmart, Tractor Supply and Pet Smart. The organization houses between 25-40 cats and kittens every day and one of their biggest supply needs is cat litter. They are also working to replenish funds for caring for injured or ill cats and kittens. They have outlined a fundraising need of $2,000 to replenish that fund.


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