What is F.I.D.O.?

Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (F.I.D.O.) is an all-volunteer group that focuses on helping dog owners improve the quality of life for their outside dogs. Their specific mission is to help owners find alternatives to continuous chaining as a method of dog containment. They offer guidance and temporary assistance to owners who are willing to work alongside F.I.D.O. to improve their dogs’ quality of life.

How can I help?

This Holiday season F.I.D.O. is in need of donations for their pet food pantry:

  • Bags of dry cat food
  • Cans of dog or cat food
  • 3 to 5 gallon buckets with lids (cleaned)
  • Dog houses (plastic or wooden)
  • Financial donations so we can purchase fencing supplies/ materials to build kennels and repair fences.


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