Monthly Archives: November 2013

Behind the Lights

We believe.

We believe that Hoosier Hospitality is alive and well and with that, we put our nerdy, website-building heads together and set out to create an experience that embodied that spirit. The spirit that courses through our veins and wakes us up every morning with a vision to make Indy a better place to work, live and play.

An extensive brainstorming session, a cool design and extensive research of organizations closest to Hoosiers’ hearts led our team to a finished product that we are extremely excited to share with Indy this holiday season!

Whether you’re spreading cheer in the form of well wishes or committing your time or dollars, Make Indy Bright is setting out to prove just how hospitable we Hoosiers can be. For each wish, dollar or hour pledged, we add a light to the map. The more cheer shared, the brighter the map gets.

Now the question is…

Do you believe?